Hi everybody,

My name is Indika Sonnadara. Although I am a mechanic by profession, I am a very keen follower of all things related to investment, and would like to share my insights on these topics. Creating this website gave me that opportunity.

Investseeker.com is based on a WordPress platform, and took about 2 months to complete. Initially it took me a few weeks on YouTube to learn how to make a WordPress website. It was challenging and exciting at the same time.

Investseeker.com was created with the goal of sharing different investment options that I think are beneficial to all. Those investment options are of the following.

  • Renewable energy Investments
  • Term deposits Investments
  • Property Investments
  • Stock market Investments
  • Crowdfunding Investments
  • Shipping container Investments
  • Microfinance Investments

I plan to include more alternative investment options and news in future, and look forward sharing my opinions and knowledge with my fellow investment seekers.

Please feel free to express your opinions or suggestions to me by using the contact form or through this email: investseeker247@gmail.com