Renewable Energy Countries That Lead the Way – Top 7

There’s a lot of talk about renewable energy these days. In this article, we have elaborated on the economic benefits of investing in renewable energy. Here, we want to highlight the top 7 renewable energy countries that are doing a really great job at creating an infrastructure for sustainable and alternative sources of energy for their people.

And why not – the US Energy Information Adminstration (EIA) projects that by 2035, 14% of the total energy consumption in the world will be based on renewables. So this is as good a time as any to take the plunge.

Here’s a look at the Top 7 Renewable Energy Countries that Lead the Way towards a Sustainable Future.

#1: The United States
The USA is responsible for almost 24.7% of the total global investment in renewable energy. Barack Obama’s 8-year term as the President of the United States will be remembered for the massive steps taken by his government to promote renewable energy in the country. Under Obama, the United States has created a number of federal, state and local tax incentives for renewable energy companies. The USA has also been at the forefront of the efforts to fight climate change at the global level. We are impressed!

#2: China
China is one of the biggest investors in renewable energy. Chinese companies have been major innovators at renewable energy products. There are today tens of thousands of Chinese companies that create products for the “green economy”. The Chinese government has taken on a number of initiatives to promote alternative energy, such as fitting solar panels on the rooftops of schools in Beijing, and has worked very hard to create awareness about the need to protect the environment among children.

#3: Germany
Germany is one of the biggest investors in renewable energy in the world, responsible for 11.7% of the global investment in alternative energy sources. The country has also pledged to phase out nuclear power in favor of other safer and more sustainable sources. Germany is determined to be a leader in clean energies and is a major competitor to China in this.

#4: Spain
Spain is another country that has done pretty well in the alternative energy space. Already, most of the power plants in Spain are powered by wind energy. There are many Spanish companies that are building turbines and installing them on large wind farms across the country.

#5: Brazil
Brazil has been one of the earliest to recognize the value of clean energy. It is the biggest producer of biofuel such as ethanol. Brazil has also led in the development of technologies for solar water heating. The country has invested heavily in wind energy. The Brazilian government is very serious about ensuring a sustainable future for its citizens.

#6: India
India has a massive onshore wind infrastructure. The Indian government has pushed the private sector in the country to create clean energy products. There are plans to create 143 hydropower projects in the country with a power generation capacity of 20 GW in the near future.

#7: Mexico
Mexico is serious about alternative energy. The Mexican government has distributed as many as 23 million energy-saving LED light bulbs to its people for free. As many as 5.5 million households in Mexico use energy-saving bulbs, which helps them save an average of up to 18% on their power bills. The country has also made a serious effort to minimize its carbon footprint.

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