ethical trade

Stand up for Ethical Trade

What is Ethical Trade?

Ethical trade means that businesses don’t simply sell goods for the best price but also considers the effect of their business practices on for example, the working conditions of the people they employ or the impact on the environment.

It’s a common practice for businesses to cut cost to stay competitive but this may also make them turn a blind eye to the conditions of workers making goods for them. In recent years consumers in developed countries have become aware that many of the goods that they purchase cheaply in stores eg clothing and electronic goods are produced by less developed countries in factories where safety is neglected and on slave labor.

The fair trade movement began in the 1990s to prevent coffee and banana growers in poor countries from losing out because of the low market prices. Fair trade organisations have guaranteed suppliers a fair price, as a result the suppliers ensured that the workers are properly paid. In return, Consumers supported this by buying Fair-Trade certified goods.

Its my opinion that consumers should pressure businesses to behave well through whey they choose to buy. Businesses will then respond by creating products that are “sustainably sourced” or “free range”, to balance the effects of the business on the environment and on the workers involved with the need to generate a profit.