Indiegogo: Crowdfunding Campaign Review

Indiegogo is one of the most visited crowd-funding websites around the globe. It was founded by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell in 2008. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Indiegogo provides its entrepreneurs the platform to transform their dreams into reality. It helps them to build up their community first, and then it helps them to spread their idea into the world. Crowd funding is nowadays becoming very common among the entrepreneurs.

It’s a good idea to test out the popularity of your product, idea or business on a crowdfunding platform before launching it into the market. Fundraising through crowd funding is one of the most revolutionary ideas of modern times. Marketers are now looking at crowd funding as they thought about social media 15 years ago: as an amazing source of boosting their products and building their audience, with minimal time wastage.

Out of all the websites that raise funds through crowd funding, Indiegogo is one of the best and most secure websites. It is certified with SEC regulation A+. This ensures that indiegogo is acquiescent with strict rules and standards.

Indiegogo provides its visitors with a secure platform where they can easily build up their audience before presenting their idea to the market world. This platform basically enables its startups or small business holders to fund and spread the word about their ideas, and also provides its investors with maximum security insurance, and a choice of perks. When you choose to fund a campaign, you select which perk you would like, depending on your level of financial contribution. Perks range from getting a personal mention on the website, up to gadgets and experiences worth thousands of dollars.

In today’s world, beginners and smaller companies can secure their money by crowd funding, as this is regulated with SEC, which is compliant with strict rules and standards. This provides the startups as well as the investors, with the surety of their money security.

But how does this crowd funding system work?

This website allows anyone to initiate a campaign, promote it, and gather pledged funds. Once the campaign goes live, investors will be asked to join in without purchasing the securities. In this way, entrepreneurs will gather a database of potential investors for their campaign.

In this scheme, project owners are not selling their products, but it’s an idea that is quite similar to Kickstarter-lite, in which the campaign is promoted by word of mouth. It has a lot of internal significance that can be seen with an eye of a clever business man.

There are many benefits of using Indiegogo over other crowd funding websites

First of all, service charges are inexpensive. They will charge you in two ways:

  •  All-or-nothing:  It’s a fixed funding scheme in which 5% of your total raised amount is charged if you reach your goal. If you fail to reach your goal, there’s no charge and your contributers will get refunded.
  • Keep-it-all:  It’s a flexible funding scheme in which you will be charged 5% of your total sum if your goal is met, however if you fail, you will be charged 5% of total amount raised, and you get to keep it.

More Information : Indiegogo fees and pricing

The advantage of Indiegogo, is that it’s you who decide the paying scheme before starting your campaign. If you fail to attain your goal using the fixed funding scheme they will not charge a penny from you.

Indiegogo provides its customers with many more possibilities to raise funds, unlike other platforms. It’s a platform where we can raise funds for different projects related to animals, Art, Comics, Community, Dance, Design, Education, Environment, Fashion, Film, Food, Gaming, Health, Music, Photography, Politics, Religion, Small Business, Sports, Technology, Theater, Trans-media, Video & Web, and Writing.

Another good thing about this website is that it doesn’t determine which project is worth funding. All projects are promoted on its site. It has its own logarithm called ‘Gogofactor’ to determine which projects receive the most promotion. The selection of the project, and whether it will raise funds is completely dependent on the potential supporters.

Another awesome feature of this site, is that you can integrate your campaign into Google Analytics, where you will get to see real-time traffic, as well as how much time people spend on your page.

This site doesn’t boast publicly about how many of its projects were successfully funded. But it does estimate that up until now, 28.4% of projects have been successful in reach their funding goals, including both All-or-nothing and keep-it-all campaigns. It also allows you to boost your campaign on twitter, YouTube and other personal websites.

In order to startup your campaign, you have to follow this simple procedure:

  •  Make an appealing video for your campaign
  • Make a thumbnail image of your campaign that everybody will see before they click through to your whole campaign page.
  • Give a short description of your campaign below the thumbnail.
  •  Customize your link by providing a custom URL.
  •  Choose a funding scheme and inform a site advisor about the deadline. Your campaign can run no longer than 60 days.
  •  Boost your campaign, main idea behind your campaign and the impact that your product will attain.
  • Figure out the delivery date of your product.

Link : Indiegogo – How it works

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