Ownbrix : Online Property Trading Platform

OwnBrix is a company that mainly deals in property investments and assists its clients in initiating a sequence of successful investment programs. It was inaugurated in 2009 and has offices around the world.

Workings of OwnBrix (Property investing made easy)

Registration is free, however VIP member will be able to access additional privileges. To find out more about payment options and the privileges of the VIP membership, see http://www.ownbrix.com/membership/

All of OwnBrix’s properties are split into segments called “Brix”, or in other words, property shares. The number of Brix issued is stated on the details page of each property. The cost for each Brix depends on the individual property you are investing in. You can either buy the Brix for the stated price, or place a bid for it.

There are 3 types ownership levels you can choose from:

  • Partial ownership
  • Total ownership
  • Or you can bid to buy out existing investors in any of the listed OwnBrix properties.

Once you make your first payment for an order, you will receive a confirmation email stating what percentage of the property you own and a certificate of ownership.
Note: The Certificate of Ownership is a legal document that is linked directly to the ownership of the property.

OwnBrix takes care of managing your property and has a professional team that monitors your investment.

As your property values grow, so will your Property Brix (share) value. Profits are distributed proportionally according to the percentage of shares owned.

Note: There are interest rates and fees for all purchases and investments.

Ownbrix FAQ page for more information : Ownbrix FAQ

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