What is gocloudsolar.com all about?

Are you interested in investing in clean renewable energy like solar? CloudSolar is a revolutionary company based in Boston USA, that aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to investment in a solar panel, maintained by CloudSolar and hosted at their solar farm, that produces money by exporting electricity to the grid.

Of the electricity produced by your solar panel and sold to electricity grid, 80% of the money is paid to you, and 20 percent is used by Cloudsolar as a management fee. All your solar panel are 100 percent insured.

There are 3 types of solar panels you can own, which are :

  • ¼ panel : Cost $250 and has an estimated total economic output of $562
  • ½ panel : Cost $450 and has an estimated total economic output of $1125
  • Full panel : Cost $750 and has an estimated total economic output of $2250

CloudSolar estimate in their FAQ that “in a 25-year period, the total economic output could be 300% of an initial contribution of $750. “ Please visit their website gocloudsolar.com for more details.

Things you should know if you intend to install the solar panel in CloudSolar’s farm(s)

  • Anyone from any country can purchase a solar panel, and it’s not restricted to only USA citizens. You will receive a document showing that you are the owner, as well as the rights for the solar panel. The Farms are located in North-East USA and California USA.
  • Economic output of solar panels. Each quarter, CloudSolar will credit you the economic output generated by your panels, paid via cheque (mail) or online transfer.
  • You can monitor the solar panel’s output in real time through your online account.
  • All your panels will be insured and have a 25 year warranty. All repair and damages are taken care of by cloudsolar.
  • 20% of the economic output (income) produced by your solar is charged by CloudSolar as a management and operation fee.

For more information please visit : CloudSolar FAQ

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